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Bumble Is Apparently Getting Into Speed Dating

10/03/2022 8:55:00 PM

Hey all you sexy singles, are you ready to start speed dating again? The popular dating app Bumble is reportedly testing a speed dating feature in U.K. markets where users can log on to chat with strangers digitally before matching with them and seeing their profiles.Read more...

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Telescope in Chile Spots Huge Debris Trail from NASA's Asteroid Crash Test

10/03/2022 8:45:00 PM

Last week, NASA’s DART spacecraft intentionally crashed into Dimorphos, a petite moonlet orbiting the larger asteroid Didymos. Now, a telescope on the ground in Chile has imaged the massive plume created by the impact in the days following the encounter.Read more...

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The Best Toys and Collectibles Revealed at Hasbro Pulse Con 2022

10/03/2022 8:30:00 PM

Curious what will be draining your bank account in the coming months and well into 2023? This past weekend, Hasbro held its Pulse Con 2022 event, which was an opportunity for the toy maker to reveal upcoming additions to its various collector-focused toy and figure lines.Read more...

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Bidets rule even when there's not a TP shortage. These are the best ones.

10/03/2022 8:19:54 PM

Pre-toilet paper shortage, bidets had never really caught on in America. When people hear bidet, they either think Europe or extra as hell: Really nice foreign hotels, rich people's houses in movies, or Marie Antoinette's chambers featuring, like, a sponge on a stick, or whatever the practice was…

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A boatload of older Amazon devices are sitting at record-low prices ahead of the Prime Early Access…

10/03/2022 8:17:19 PM

UPDATE: Oct. 3, 2022, 1:34 p.m. EDT This post has been updated to reflect the latest pricing and availability for deals ahead of Amazon's Prime Early Access Sale. Amazon is planning on kicking off the holiday season on Oct. 11 and 12 with its first-ever Prime Early Access Sale, but savvy…

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Sony might remake 'Horizon Zero Dawn' and, boy, Twitter wasn't happy about it

10/03/2022 7:48:53 PM

Remember that PlayStation 4 game you really liked just a few, short years ago? Well, maybe you can buy it again soon!Only a month after releasing a full remake of the less-than-10-years-old The Last of Us, PlayStation is reportedly back at it again. The gaming blog MP1st reported over the weekend…

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Success on Twitch No Longer Comes on Twitch

10/03/2022 6:34:32 PM

Major streamers are stepping back from the Twitch grind, and smaller ones fear the platform is more interested in removing features than growing audiences.

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How to Shop Like a Pro During Amazon's Prime Early Access Sale

10/03/2022 6:16:00 PM

We've got tips to help you cut through the clutter to find the real deals.

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The Best Security Cameras for Inside Your Home

10/03/2022 1:00:00 PM

Cameras can offer peace of mind, but choose carefully when you’re inviting one into your home.

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